Pueblo Paranormal Investigations Team
Pueblo, Colorado
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                  Pueblo Paranormal Investigations Team
   P.P.I.T. is located in Pueblo, Colorado.  The four members of our team got together for our first official team meeting in December 2010.  the team consists of four members the four of us being long time freinds, we finally decided to put our thoughts together and move forward with our wishes to become a paranormal hunting "team". Looking to do any kind of investigations that comes our way. We will work hard to help you find what is in your home or place of business.  Although we are a new "team" and working hard to develop our experiences we are looking forward to learning more and becoming a team that will have experience and professionalism under our belt.  
.We are a newly developed team 

   Looking to further our knowledge and the knowledge of the public in different aspects of the paranormal world and what signifiance it has.  It is important for people to understand this is a hobby of ours not a business.  All our services are at no cost. Donations are kindly accepted and used to help our team grow with new equipment.

Pueblo Paranormal Investigations Team                                                       Pueblo, Colorado
We had a blast on our first real investigation!!!  Hose Company #3.  Thank you Mark for your gratitude.  Will be getting stuff together to post about our experiences.